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Program Activities


KFFW awards scholarships to high school graduates for post-secondary education. We recognize students from public, private, and charter schools.  To date, KFFW has awarded over $12,000 in scholarships to local youth.

Cultural Enrichment

We expose our participants to the arts, cultural events, sporting event, STEM exhibitions, and much more.

Promoting Public Health Awareness

KFFW has sponsored annual Community Health Fairs in conjunction with the Prince Georges County Councilman, District 8.  We have engaged the support of over 50 community care health providers.

Domestic Violence Awareness and Support

KFFW is part of a group that raised funds used to purchase equipment for the Prince Georges County Family Justice Center.  This donation helps provide essential support services to survivors of domestic violence and assault.

Women's Health Issues

KFFW partners with Saving our Sisters in promoting Breast Cancer Awareness, screenings, and mobile outreach in high risk neighborhoods.  In addition, KFFW partners with various other women’s groups, supporting numerous women’s charities.